2019 European Tour Tracker

OGIO is proud to announce its partnership as the official luggage supplier of the European Tour. Every tournament we will be bringing stories from around the world as OGIO carries the load across 5 continents, 31 countries and over 139,064 miles course to course. This unique partnership brings a great challenge but with the quality of the bags combined with the professionalism of the staff, we know we will continue to carry the tour from success to success year on year. 

This week: Scandinavian Invitation

What: European Tour Event: Scandinavian Masters
Where: Hills Golf Club
Miles Travelled:

534 miles

Short Description:
My Role This Week:

I’m one of the Press Officers for the Scandinavian Invitation in Gothenburg. This week I’m looking after local media requests, helping arrange interviews for our broadcast partners and producing reports from the tournament.

This week, my OGIO bags and I have arrived in Gothenburg. It’s a city that I have visited before in my travels whilst backpacking with friends from Australia, but I’ve never been here for work, so I am excited to be back in Sweden. I love running everywhere in order to get my bearings for the week, and with our hotel being quite close to the centre of town, I’ve been able to get out and explore some of the local hangouts and running tracks.

We were lucky to have local hero Henrik Stenson confirm his participation in the event just a few weeks ago and it has certainly captured the attention of the Swedish press. Normally as press officers for the European Tour, we host all of the players pre-tournament press conferences, however this week we also have local press officer working with our team, so he sat down with Henrik to conduct his interview entirely in Swedish. It makes it much more efficient for the players and press attending to do it this way before we whisked Henrik away for his other interviews in English.

The best thing about the media centre in Sweden is the constant supply throughout the day of delicious cinnamon buns. I always try to taste the local specialities in the places we visit on Tour – nothing too crazy – so it’s great to have these little treats come 3pm in the afternoon.

We are at Hills Golf & Sports Club this week and as the name says, there are a lot of hills out there. The sun was out earlier this week, and whilst out covering off some media duties with a couple of players, I snapped this image of one of our pros who had found a secluded practice area in the sun to work on some drills with his coach Pete Cowen.

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