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OGIO uses CORDUR Eco in their products


What: CORDURA® Eco: Ultra-Durable and Sustainable Fabric
Where: North Carolina
Long Description:
One of OGIO’s integral Design Pillars is Sustainability. It is a core focus of ours as we move forward in designing and producing new products.
The all-new OGIO ALPHA Convoy collection uses the premium and most sustainable fabric offered by CORDURA®: CORDURA® Eco. This is an ultra-durable and sustainable fabric made from discarded and recycled plastic water bottles.

How CORDURA® Eco is Made:
  1. Plastic Bottles: Post-consumer plastic water bottles are collected.
  2. Flakes: Bottles are cleaned and ground into flakes.
  3. Chips: The flakes are reprocessed and dried to form chips.
  4. Polyester Yarn: The chips are melt extruded and spun into high-tenacity yarn.
  5. Fabric: The yarn is woven into fabric to create Cordura® Eco.

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