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What: Thank you, OGIO
Where: Whittier, CA
Long Description:

For the most part, when customers make a purchase you only hear back from those customers if they are unsatisfied or the product malfuctioned or was defective. In this case, this is the exact opposite. I want to reach out and say thank you. Thank you for making it possible for me to come home to my son of 18 months and the rest of my family and friends. Thank you for facilitating in my continued existence here on this beautiful earth. For the chance to be there to watch and be apart of my son growing up. For being able to teach him how to throw his first pitch, catch his first pass, walk him into school on his first day. To teach him how to ride a bike, and pick him up when he falls. So I wanted to say thank you for picking me up when I fell or so to speak.
Why am I thanking you, you wonder? A day I will never forget September 22nd. 2017 11:30am my life would change forever. At the time I was riding my 2012 Aprilia RSV4 to class at Whittier College. I had just left my house headed to the freeway and I was actually a bit early so I was able to take in the surrounding and enjoy the ride. That ride was short lived unfortunately. I was hit by and unisured motorist who ran a stop sign for one and to kick a guy while he is down decided to make an illegal u-turn taking me out in the process. This is when my life changed. I was launched 20ft. in the air and approximately 50-60ft. down the road across 4 lanes of travel where I landed directly on my back and slid to a stop under a parked truck. I was wearing all of my protective gear and granted my helmet is an extremely important piece of equipment the one item which had the greatest impact was the OGIO Nodrag Mach 5 back-pack.
The EMT’s and Firefighters pulled my mom aside after she arrived to see her son screaming in pain about to be loaded into the ambulance when they held up my back-pack and said the only reason your son is breathing and moving is because of this piece of equipment right here. Which surprisingly was in pretty good condition considering what it just went through. I was conscious the whole time and I knew even before paramedics got there and told me that this back-pack saved my life. I do have a spine and chest protector as well, the ICON STRIKER VEST and yes it provides protection, but it would have never stood up to the challenge that the Mach 5 had no problem doing. Ever since I bought this back-pack on June 15th 2017 I put the vest to the side in my garage and I never ride my motorcycle without my Mach 5.
The quality and craftsman ship is outstanding. So much so that as doctors, nurses and their assistant’s came in to make their rounds I began to recommend this piece of equipment to everybody and testify to it’s dependability and functionality. I asked if they ride or if they know anybody who rides and then would proceed in showing them the pictures from the accident. After they saw the pictures looking at me in disbelief that I am even alive I said now grab that back-pack in the corner of the room and check it out. This back-pack saved my life. Instantly, they said, “I am definitely getting that equipment before I ride again”.

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