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Travis pastrana jumping over 52 crushed cars.
Travis Pastrana car jump infographic.
Travis Pastrana bus jump infographic.
Travis Pastrana fountain jump infographic.
Travis Pastrana high fiving fans after jump.
What: The Man, The Myth, the Legend: The Travis Pastrana
Where: Las Vegas, NV

Rig 9800

Long Description:

Motorcycle daredevil Travis Pastrana made history on Sunday night in Las Vegas by recreating three of Evel Knievel’s most famous jumps on live TV.

Dressed in a replica of Knievel’s signature star spangled riding suit, the Nitro Circus star JUMPED:

  • OVER CEASAR’S PALACE FOUNTAIN (a stunt that nearly killed Knievel 50 years ago)


“It’s just such an honor to live a day in Evel’s footsteps, and literally his boots,” Pastrana said. “To be here in Las Vegas, so much of my history has been here. I proposed to my wife here, I had (the) first Nitro Circus show here. This was definitely the coolest thing I’ve ever done.”

The first two jumps were each longer than Knievel’s versions, and the jump over the fountain had to be done in the opposite direction due to new construction around it. Knievel crashed on his attempt to clear the fountain, breaking his pelvis and other bones. However, Robbie, Knievel’s son did accomplish the jump later after Knievel passed.

Left with just 200 feet to accelerate to 70 mph before the ramp, Pastrana said, “It’s not the longest jump, but it’s definitely the hardest.”

The 34-year-old Pastrana celebrated this outstanding moment in history by taking one final jump ─ without his motorcycle ─ into the fountain.

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