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OGIO consumer customer Kristy and her son share backpack shot in truck in passenger seat against grey


What: This Family Turns Their Ambition Into Achievement With OGIO
Where: Carlsbad, CA
Long Description:

We are very excited and humbled to share the following story with you all. Yesterday, January 24th, 2019, we received a note from Kristy Raab. Her note detailed the story of how she battled through tough times to achieve her goals, and, eventually, how her son set out to accomplish his. At OGIO, we specialize in turning ambition into achievement. This is their story.

“My name is Kristy Raab. My son’s name is Scott Fernandez. I have an amazing story for you all.

Around 2005 or 2006, I had gotten divorced when I still had two minor children to provide for. In order to support my family, I decided to go back to school to become a nurse. I went to the to the college bookstore, bought my books and supplies, and I saw the nicest looking backpack for $69. It was an OGIO.

So many zippers & pockets, I loved it! Apparently, my son did too. After graduating from nursing school, he asked me if he could have my backpack. I said “Of course but take good care of it. If you do, it will carry you through life”. He’s been using it ever since.

He’s worn this bag through school, college, and now, to Army boot camp. He took a picture of it sitting in his back seat and wrote a little Facebook post that totally touched my heart. Here is what my son Scott posted about his OGIO backpack…

I know it’s a weird sentiment, but this bag has carried me a long way. First, I got it from mom from when she used it in college. Then, I used it through the High School ‘drama days’ and college adventures. Now, it’s going to carry me through my next chapter of life. A lot of memories with this bag. “

I wanted to share this with you. I never thought ANY backpack could go through so much and still be used 14 years later!

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