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OGIOs Tyler Bereman practicing for best whip.
OGIOs Taka Higashino practicing for best trick.
OGIOs Adam Jones practicing for freestyle.
OGIOs Nate Adams practicing for best whip.
OGIOs Robbie Maddison Hooligan racing.
What: OGIO at the 2018 Summer X Games
Where: Minneapolis, MN

Layover & Rig 9800

Long Description:

This year the Summer X Games will be held in Minneapolis, Minnesota July 19-21st.

We are excited to cheer on some of the World’s most Influential OGIO athletes as they compete in their respective events:

Harley Davidson Hooligan:

– Tyler Bereman

– Robbie Madison

Moto X Quarterpipe High Air:

– Tyler Bereman

Moto X Best Trick:

– Taka Higashino

Moto X Freestyle:

– Taka Higashino

– Adam Jones

Moto X Best Whip:

– Tyler Bereman

– Nate Adams


Last year, Tyler Bereman was dubbed the “People’s Champ’ and medaled in both Best Whip and 1/4 Pipe! We will see how he throws down this year to protect his title and allegiance from his fans! This group of legendary riders will be a pleasure to watch, you’re not gonna’ want to miss it!

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