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Graham rahal starring off into the distance at his hometown race the honda indy 200 located in lexington kentucky
What: The Honda Indy 200
Where: Mid-Ohio Sports Car Course, Lexington, OH

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Long Description:

Graham’s home race is on July 29th and he is looking to have a repeat of 2015. The Honda 200 at Mid-Ohio Sports Car Course on July 29th is set to take place. Claiming a win back in 2015, only 45 minutes from his hometown of New Albany is where the Mid-Ohio Sports Car Course is located. Last season, Rahal managed to finish 3rd on the podium and is in form to take 1st place this year. In 2015, Rahal started the race in 13th and managed to fight his way up to 1st with a resounding distance between 1st and 2nd of 3.4 seconds.

Mid-Ohio Sports Car Course is located in Lexington, OH. Rahal a proud, extremely vocal Ohioan is ready for his home course. The current course is about 2.26 miles(3.6KM) and features 13 turns.

The hometown fans are going to be showing up in full force in hopes of seeing Rahal have a repeat of 2015.

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