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LA Clippers traveling.
LA Clippers unloading bags from the truck.
Marjanovic liftin in the gym.
What: On the Road w/ the LA Clippers
Where: New York City, NY
Long Description:

Facing 6,029 miles of travel, and three games in four days, the LA Clippers are bound for New York City, buried under five inches of snow.

This the fourth of 17 road trips the team will make this season, and while the treks tend to blur over the course of a six-month grind, each one is unique. Climates change, opponents vary, and travel logistics force tough decisions for a basketball operations staff attempting to create a home-away-from-home at every stop along the way.

In partnership with the LA Clippers, as their trusted high-performance travel gear supplier, get an inside look at life on the road with the Clippers. From rookie duties to hotel gyms, traveling chefs, and glamour time… see what life is like to be an LA Clipper on the road in the NBA, HERE.

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