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alicia kaye checking out the challenge roth course in germany ahead of her big race on sunday
What: Challenge Roth is Approaching
Where: Roth, Bavaria, Germany
Long Description:

On Sunday, Alicia Kaye will be in Roth, Germany taking on Challenge Roth. Alicia has had this mega race on her mind all year with “tune up” races before in San Francisco and Philadelphia which she finished 2nd in both. This bucket list race for any endurance athlete is one of the most epic of them all. While she may be racing while we are all sleeping with the time change, Alicia will know everyone is rooting her on to the finish against her rivals and friends.

Challenge Roth has been giving athletes trouble since it began in 1984 as a short distance triathlon, then in 1990 evolving into the ironman distance of today. The courses total distance is 140.6 miles/226.2 kilometers, it is a ultra distance course.

Alicia is currently in Roth training on the course and checking out what lies ahead of her!

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