ogio exo shield tech closeup

Exo Shield

Streamlined single shot molded exterior that is protective, water resistant, aerodynamic, and will not deform from wind shear.

aerodynamic design that provides strong protection

ogio exo shield technology line drawing

Exo Shield Features:

+ Streamlined single shot molded exterior+ Water and wind resistant material+ Bolstered back foam profile increases air ventilation

+ Ergonomic, padded, and fully adjustable shoulder straps+ Coupled with quick release exit buckle

ogio exo shield backpack next to motorcycle

"The OGIO Mach 5 backpack saved my life.  I was launched 20ft. in the air and approximately 50-60ft. down the road across 4 lanes of travel where I landed directly on my back and slid to a stop under a parked truck. I was conscious the whole time and I knew even before paramedics got there that this back-pack saved my life."

Brandon W.

Exo Shield

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